Getting Started

How do I connect to my nowBox?

Simply turn on your nowBox, go to the WiFi settings on your laptop, phone or other device and search for available WiFi networks.

The SSID (starting WLAN) for your network is printed on the back of the nowBox - select this one from the available networks on the list.

To connect you will need to enter the password. This is also printed on the back of your nowBox and is called the ‘WLAN key’.

Can I change my SSID and WLAN key?

Yes, your nowBox has a web-based interface to manage its connectivity. To access, connect to your nowBox using the Ethernet cable provided (not WiFi). In your web browser, enter the device website printed on the back of your nowBox and log in using the device password provided. You can then change this password if you would like.

To change your WiFi SSID, go into General Settings and select WLAN settings. Simply scroll down to SSID and enter your preferred name. To change your password (or network key) scroll down to WPA-PSK and enter your preferred password of a minimum of eight characters. Then click the submit button. Once complete, you can disconnect the wired connection and your new SSID should be available in your wireless connections.


I don't think my nowBox is working.

Follow these simple steps to resolve your issue:

  1. Check that your nowBox is plugged in. Is the power light on?
  2. Look at the signal bars – do you have signal? If not, or if your device shows only one bar on the signal bar, move the nowBox to a different location (e.g. nearer to a window or upstairs). Don’t forget to connect the mini antennae that come with it as this can improve signal strength.
  3. If you already have a signal, look to see if the WLAN light is on. It may take a minute or two after the nowBox is turned on before the network is ready. To connect via WiFi see ‘How do I connect to my nowBox’ above.
  4. If you are having problems connecting to WiFi, try connecting via the Ethernet cable that comes with your nowBox.
  5. If you’re still experiencing a problem, please call us on 0345 165 0259.
The signal strength seems to be low.

You may be able to improve the signal strength by moving your nowBox nearer to a window or upstairs. However, if you're getting a good broadband service, the number of bars showing doesn't matter.

The service is slower than I expected.

Check your signal strength and move the nowBox closer to a window or upstairs to improve the signal strength. If you continue to experience a slow service simply call a member of our team on 0345 165 0259.